Elect Deborah Rouse - Independent Candidate

For Governor of Tennessee
November 8th, 2022

Hi, my name is Deborah Rouse, but you may call me Debbie. And I am running for Governor of Tennessee as an Independent Candidate. In the General Election, to be held on November 8th, 2022. My name will be on the ballot in the General Election. I will not be in the Primary Election.

I am a wife, of 40 yrs. and mother of 3 boys, Kevin, Russell Jr., and Toby. And I have 6 grandchildren, 5 boys and 1 girl. **

I have lived and worked in Tennessee all my life. My hometown is Athens.

In these times, you have to learn how to adapt in this ever changing world. I have cleaned toilets, hauled hay, master barber to human resources to environmental health and safety. Just to give you a few examples.

**(With great pain I must tell you this, I have lost my son Kevin in 2018, and my husband Russell Sr, in 2021)

Political Platform/Goal

1. I would like to see taxes on food removed, in grocery stores and restaurants.
Example: According to research, a family of 4 spend close to $10,000. annually, in groceries. If "no tax" on food is implemented, that would eliminate the state tax of 4 percent, and remove local food tax, which varies. Possible savings of up to $900 a yr for a family of 4. This would add to our economy, to encourage spending.

2. Once the "no food tax" is implemented, I do not want it made up in other areas, to redeem justification.


My goal is to start with the basics and work our way up. 

1. Basics, which is the foundation our country was built on, God. Look at the history of removing God from our public places and what it has caused, School shootings, teachers abusing our babies, postal shootings, and so much more that we haven't got wind of it.

2. We need to take politics out of our government, and put people back in!

3. We need to put the "Just" back in "Justice." So many times we have been treated unfairly, and we have been proven guilty, and we have to prove ourselves innocent. That is way to far.

4. I would like to see businesses, given the incentive, to give their employees more money, and better health insurance. And giving companies tax breaks for doing so.

 5. I would like to see large businesses offer "in house" daycare, for their employees.

6. I would like to see Tennessee self sustaining. Just in case of an emergency outbreak. We have to prepare, for all conditions.

7. I don't know if I would have any jurisdiction on this, but will soon find out. There are bullies and sexual harassment, and pressing their sexual preference on you in the workplace. Bullying and Mental abuse is wrong. And shouldn't happen in the workplace. I would like to see this as part of workmen's comp in the workplace. 

8. Freedom of religion in the workplace. How come in some religions,certain religions are giving a break or special priviledges, to pray to their God? To be fair, if they get a break, others should to. Our freedom of religion is slowly slipping away from us. And we cannot let "1" rule a multitude! 81 percent of Tennesseans are Christians, according to statistics, we are the majority.

9. I would like to see our military, in our state, respected and taken care of.
In case of battle, I would like to speak with them and pray with them before they go. (But we pray this will never happen.) Freedom isn't Free!
I have more I would like to address on this subject.

10. I would like to see a change in our nursing homes. If you have never had a loved one in the nursing home, you probably wouldn't understand. But their are abusive people in the nursing homes. There has got to be better a way, to prevent this from happening.

11. I would like to see our waitresses and waiters given the wage law, in addition to tips.

12. I would like to see free healthcare for everyone.

These are not promises, just dreams and hope. I cannot do any of this without you! I need you to stand by me, during this, when I am elected as your Governor! I know there is so much out there that needs to be done, but we will have to do it together.

You may ask what would make me a good Governor? I would have to answer, my life in General, knowing the needs in general, the aspects of our daily lives, knowing how to handle difficult situations, frugal, compassionate and fair, leader, and my love for the Lord.

As with any new job, you have to train and adapt. No one has ever gone into a job, that they have never done, without training.

We will have 4 yrs, to do the most good! Will you help me, by making Tennessee a great example, in the United States?

I am no saint, I promise you. I have faults and failures. I am human.

I just want the people of Tennessee, to know we will take our state back!

For in questions or comments.
Email: rousefornewbeginnings@yahoo.com

God Bless!
Debbie Rouse